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A Life Dedicated to God Regardless of the Role We Have to Play is Our Hope

Dear devotees:

The degradation of Kali Yuga is imbued in everything around us. To the extent that the most wonderful expressions, like art, have been contaminated by it. The subject of art is something that should be carefully analyzed. Art and beauty always go together, but as in the material world of confusion and exploitation everything is distorted, all the "good and beautiful" can become degraded.

The essence of art is that it is related to the Divine, any artistic expression has its origin in God, who is the Supreme Artist. Therefore, taking art as the orientation of the sacredness in any culture or civilization one can see all that is being lost.

Today  the different mediums of "art" have been degraded to its grossest form. The painting, photography, music, film, among others, are full of sex, war, consumerism and exploitation. Sure, you can not deny that there are always initiatives using art as a demonstration against all materialism, but mostly everything is crossed with selfishness.

It is common that today all that we receive is loaded with violence. That very message of violence is brought not only  to adults but to children who are just learning. It is so much more difficult for someone with this ​​bombardment of valueless information, can understand the difference between that which is beautiful and that which is degrading, much less if it's a child.

That philosophy of debauchery where people ask for  "fun" is the cause of many ills in society today. This causes people to lose the real criterion, because we are totally malleable and vulnerable. Then all cases of rape, abuse, divorce, cheating, are based on the misconception that debauchery and art are fun.

Thus, the world has been degraded in a very horrible manner. The churches have become corrupt, politics are corrupt, even the spiritualists are corrupted. Maya is everywhere and at every moment, so very deeply pray that the Lord will protect us from exploiting others.

The chanting of the Holy Name is our only hope. Chanting the holy name, accepting and glorifying God from the depths of the heart, which is the source of all pleasure and all happiness is what justifies our existence. And having a life dedicated to God is the meaning of our lives, yet we continue to live in the material world where everything is corrupted more and more.

All that is offered to Krishna is purificatory. But beware, do not misunderstand this as an excuse to do bad things. We cannot offer perverted things nor anything that comes from a level of exploitation to God. All that is offered to Krishna is beautiful by nature, it is artistic and satisfies the heart completely.

Man must urgently change their way of lifestyle. You should try to preserve the natural beauty all around you and stop exploiting and polluting the environment. Human beings want to only find happiness but they are looking in such a wrong way, happiness is in spirituality. There is no other way. If man will not learn by the right easy way then he must learn the hard way.

The element of Krishna Consciousness is very important, because it can completely transform everything. Even if in the service of Krishna one does something imperfect it can be accepted if it has a positive intention behind it. Who is who sets the line to define what is positive and what is not? That individual is the spiritual master, so we need their constant guide every step of our life.

It is very important to plant the seed of Krishna Consciousness in the hearts of all those who we know or those we meet along the way. That is our service and that's what Srila Prabhupada did with us. We could live peacefully in a secluded place, disconnected from society. But it is not real, because the world is suffering because the world thirsts for Krishna Consciousness unknowingly.

Sri Krishna is very merciful to us, because if we were to apply the law of "eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth" we would immediately suffer firsthand all the evil that we have caused others. Even so, the Lord allows us to bond with His Holy Name and His devotees, so that we may repent what we have done and even purify us.

Krishna and His devotees are our hope. A life dedicated to God, regardless of the role we have to play is our only hope. The conscious art is simultaneously our hope and our satisfaction.

My dear, this is my message to you today. I hope that you can inspire more and more and more people to become aware of God and transform your life into a permanent offering.

I leave all my affection from Cucuta airport.
Just arrived after a few wonderful days in Varsana.

Jay Srila Prabhupada.

Your well-wisher,

Swami. B. A. Paramadvaiti.
From Colombia


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