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Přednáška Šrily Paramadvaitiho Maharádže na Džanmaštámí 2011

Dear devotees:
Welcome to this Janmastami Day

To start, I offer my respectful reverences to my Spiritual Mastres Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Today is the happiest day of the year, Sri Krishna Janmastami.  Well, Radhastami is the happiest day because it is Srimati Radharani's day, but for Krishna the happiest day is Radhastami. In conclusion, as for Srimati Radharani the happiest day is Janmastami... So today is the happiest day.

It makes me really happy to see a lot of qualified devotees, God's souls gathered here.
Krsna has brought his children until here, so we can start playing in His symphony.

Krsna's symphony is the Bhagavad Gita, the Universal Love, so we can go back to that and be in His Eternal World.

Today, we are together to chant and dance, and listen to the offerings of devotees.
Today is the day to do our offerings to the Lord and His devotees, and I want to do mine. It is my way to express to my Lord Krsna and to my Spiritual Master what I feel.

Close you eyes and put your hand on your heart and feel who lives there ... Sri Paramatma.  He has being your adviser and is your Eternal best friend.

Please let’s offers our humble reverences to this form of Krsna called Caitya Guru, the Inner Master.  All the good thing we accept in life has been embraced for us thanks to the wise advices of Caitya Guru. He is our protector, Bhakti Raksak, our light and reason of being

Therefore, today I present in front of you my Lord, this pray:

Oh mi Lord, please forgive the faults that I have done, the physical, verbal and the ones from my mind or just because of my ignorance.

My dear Lord, today is Your birthday, and I’m here at Your feet to be with the devotees and pray for the mercy to not be away from You.

I want to be closer and closer to take Your devotees' feet. I want to stay in the shadows of their lotus feet, because they are always under Your lotus feet.  So, they are the key of my connection. Oh my Lord, in this Janmastami Day

I want to promise some things:

My promise is a plea, because I’m not even able to control my own mind,  so I ask You, that please protect me from not bother with others, even if they do things that I don’t like.

The reason of that is because they do what they do because they think that that is the best, but I cant be mad for that, instead I should feel compassion, because just with love and humility I can help others and even correct them. But anger is just an explosion of my lust and my frustrated wishes. I don’t want to be dominated for them.   

Oh my dear Lord Krishna, because of the mercy of your dear Radharani and Her representatives,  I promise that I will treat all people as your children. Children that can be lost and needing my services. I will try to serve them, and even more if someone come to the temple or meet with me, as a walking temple, and I will receive him with love with enthusiasm.

I will sacrifice for them, I will try to make them feel as home and conquer their hearts for You with enthusiasm serve Your lotus feet.

This Janmastami Day is very special. Today You woke the love in all, appearing as a divine boy, a divine baby. That is very exciting, even when many people will not understand the Infinite Love of the infinite boy that appears to steal our hearts.

So, my little Krishna, You appeared in Devaki and Vasudeva's jail and you were taken to Vrindavan, thanks to the mystical arrangement of Yoga Maya represented here today, for Your lovely sister Subadra.  Your lila is eternal and beautiful and has it own secrets.

Yoga Maya is the supreme master of secrets and to her I ask to let me go back to the Spiritual World. She has the keys of the spiritual world and in order to serve my Lord Krishna I need her mercy.

Oh my lord Krsna, I want to always honor Your devotees and those that don’t inspire me I will respect them at distance and pray for them so they can inspire me in some moment.

I’m not going to keep this negative mentality towards any devotee nor the fallen or offensive devotees, because they are the one that more help and love need.  So, I need a lot of love and mercy too.  Therefore, I hold hope because you are very merciful.

Oh my dear Lord allows me to chant my mantras, with my heart and devotion. Accomplishing my task, serving with heart and honoring your sacred Gayatri mantra, through the one you call us to Your spiritual world.

Oh my lord let me be a very important element, I want to help devotees,  I want to be loved by them, I want to be accepted for those hearts I didn’t know how to conquer yet.

The atmosphere of the Earth has to be Love conquering those people that want to hurt it.

Oh my dear Lord, in the 8th day of waning moon you appeared in this world and we know it thanks to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and we are here celebrating in Granada, Cundinamarca, in the most beautiful company of Your devotees.


I ask them to give me Your mercy and be allow to serve them.

Dear Srimad Bhagavatam reveals your meaning to this fool. My brain cannot understand you

I don’t even have the capacity of chanting your names correctly, but I have faith in Prabhupada, in his books, message and love. Therefore I ask you that I can understand these secrets, because you are Krsna, puranam and Brahma Samhitam.

I want to serve you, I want to be messenger, sankirtaneer, I don’t care what service I have I must be prepared.    I must have all the materials of the mission to sow love.  To allow everyone to be in love of you

In this day of Krsna Janmastami I go close to You with humility and I ask that this effort can have an impact in Kali Yuga and I pray:

Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare 
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
My Lord, I want to make you a beautiful temple in Granada. I want to inspire devotion in people, with a temple of art and love. I want devotees with their arts to build this temple Not a building of a building company

Dear Lord Krsna, I want to reach the world, to revive their faith and revive the transcendental paths. Therefore, I offer to your lotus feet all these OIDA Therapy books that are not finished yet.

I want to ask your mercy for our schools of Yoga Inbound, so they can reach everyone's hearts, so we can be closer to bhakti and ask mercy of all deities and understand that the real meaning of Yoga is: Pure Love for God

I don’t like money, but I want to use it correctly. Just give me laksmi if I’m able to use it correctly.  Please, don’t allow me to be contaminated with power or material desires that come with opulence.  I want to remember that money belongs to Narayan, because Laksmi is the Fortune Goddess and she wants to be at Narayan's feet.

I want to remember that all women belongs to Sri Krsna, the head of the rasa and that all fame that I could have is mercy of my Gurudeva, because it belongs to him and not to me, I don’t want to be famous nor forget how important the devotees are.

I need this support.

I want to fight for your mercy.  For out dear mother; Mother Nature. Awakening ecological consciousness, affect and love, and that we could fight together so fewer animals would be eaten. All new vegetarians means less animals kill and all new prasadam restaurant is a new purified world.
This is my desire, inspiring me to spread the beautiful messages of Krsna, who comes to take care mother earth,  who loves us in an inexplicable way Srila Prabhupada, you have listened to our prays. You are the eternal representative of the super soul; we need your special mercy.



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